Friday, April 22, 2011

You Can Be The One Too, A Book Review

I just polished off Roo'd (free from Feedbooks through Aldiko--though the link is to by Joshua Klein.

Excellent read.

Very definitely a possible and believable future that still manages to make the main character remind me of Neo from The Matrix, with a key difference: nobody else can be "The One," only Neo. In Roo'd however, anyone can learn (or be enhanced) to become more, and under Cessus's tutelage, Fed/Fede/Feed becomes exactly that.

Okay, the premise.

Running genetic permutations is exhausting, despite the genome being mapped completely. To make it go faster, you need more processing power. Unfortunately, running the data on a supercomputer still will take decades, which is where Fede (pronouced both Fed and Feed depending on the speaker and the progress of the story) comes in. What to do when you need the processing power of all the computers in China? Take over China's computers! Who would have thought!

It's a lot more enjoyable than I probably make it sound. I recommend anyone into science fiction who was left unsatisfied by the elitism in The Matrix takes a look. And if you have an Android phone, go get Aldiko and you can download it for free, among so many other books (many of them not just the classics).