Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All My Fault

I would have to say that mediocraty is a curse.

I'm not good enough at anything to be considered an expert, and I'm not poor enough at enough things to make my mediocraty seem like expertise in comparison.

I'm not infallible, though not fallible to be considered disasterous, only enough for people to be disappointed when I don't measure up to their supposed perception of me.

There's something I'm good at: unintentationally (and occassionally intentionally) creating false impressions. That too is a curse. I make no claims to be perfect, and yet people get the impression that I'm trying to pass myself off as perfect; then, when I fail at being perfect, they blame me.

So it seems to be my fault that other people make false impressions.

Maybe you just want me to be perfect?