Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coincedence Plus Grudge Equals Concern For Safety

I've made some pretty serious enemies in my day, most of them being "best" friends of people that I've dated (or exes that dated each other) but I have one that buries the cake in icing (extreme of "putting the icing on the cake").

From 2005 until 2006, I dated a girl (my first) who was two years and fifty-one weeks younger than myself (except on leap years). We dated for eleven months, after which she left this world due to complications from her Type 1 diabetes.

Six years later, I have an account on a dating website that starts getting harassed by two people I don't recognize at first, until they start calling me [name removed]-killer (it sounds better without the censoring due to alliteration between her name and the "killer" portion). Low and behold, it's her two best friends, one of which is an ex-lover who tried to drive us apart so many years ago.

I moved into my apartment last week, and guess where I live? Just a few blocks, barely half a mile, from my first girlfriend's house, as opposed to across the river and several miles away (where my folks' house is). I drive past the house nearly every day, and not because I'm stalking, but because it's the fastest route to one of my jobs. I seriously only look at the house as I pass to make sure nobody is watching (I'm good at doing it on the sly--practice from other exes).

It's all a matter of coincidence: I didn't realize it was so close until after I signed the lease. I haven't instigated any communications with them since the beginning of 2007, everything has been harrassment from their end.

I never seem to have much of a problem getting along with parents or relatives, but only in rare circumstances do best friends ever accept me (most apparent exception is when I made the mistake of dating my best friend in college--fortunately, I literally can't make that mistake again, since I've run out of available friends.)

I think the single life is the one I'm set to live, at least for a while yet. My first was my best relationship, and all the others have paled in comparison.