Thursday, May 26, 2011

Five Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion: #2

Relationships ought to rest on mutual and free consent.
 - R. Lloyd Ryan summarizing James Luther Adams

What isn't freely offered is taken. What is taken is less apt to be enjoyed. This is the negative face of selfishness, where refusal to share something cheapens its value until it's worthless.

Relationships (especially non-romantic ones) follow this even more truly. If you will not allow your friend to be friends with others, even if they are people you don't like, what's to say they will continue being friends with you?

We consent to be governed by our government. Even if we do not do it quietly, unless we are in a state of rebellion, we are consenting to the status-quo. That doesn't mean you can't grumble about it, but nothing shy of rebellion is non-consensual.

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