Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Five Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion: #4

We have a commitment to express our faith in society.
 - R. Lloyd Ryan summarizing James Luther Adams

If we do not take advantage of our rights and insist on keeping them, we will lose them. Being who we really are is one of those, and our faith, be it a standardized religion or simple spirituality, defines who we are.

Sharing our faith also shares our own enlightenment with others. I do not entirely condone preaching, especially for those who do not want to be preached to, but allowing your spirituality to overflow within yourself and improve the well-being of others around you is good and positive. Just don't preach or be overbearing.

You can celebrate your faith in public without forcing it on others.

Working in telemarketing can be frustrating, and I've mentioned before how I don't like it when someone preaches in their voicemail answering message. I am not offended if they say, "Be blessed" or "Have a blessed day." That's inviting me to be spiritual without demanding that I subscribe to their own spirituality. If they start quoting scripture, that's where I get offended.

I support the Holy Bible as a piece of literature and nothing more.

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