Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Five Smooth Stones of Liberal Religion: #1

Revelation is continuous.
 - R. Lloyd Ryan summarizing James Luther Adams

I've discussed before how we're constantly changing and growing, day to day. week to week, but that also happens on a smaller scale. Hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second, we change as people. The changes are small for the most part, but as we grow and age and experience life, we continue to learn and re-revise ourselves. Each of these undefinable moments is a revelation.

It's difficult to separate them out, to point to one and say, "Here. This is where I changed my mind," because they are all constantly flowing thoughts and experiences.

It's like those mysterious things in physics (I know the theory but I can't remember what it applies to). When you let them be themselves, they act like a wave, but when you single them out, they behave like individual particles, unattached from each other. 

Our experiences are particles, moments smaller than a second that pass us by and change who were are, and yet when we try to take a closer look at them, they all merge together in a single wave, bringing to shore all these things that we have learned and decided about ourselves. One continuous wave.

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