Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On Being A Tightwad

I won't deny it.

I don't like to spend money if I don't have to. It's sometimes a breaking point with potential significant others, especially when I'd rather be excluded from a get-together and lose some points with their best friends than drop money on something I don't actually need.

I also cut corners and count my change when it comes to things I do need. Every penny counts in my book, literally. I know folks who throw away pennies when they get them for change, right in the garbage, even though they're probably recyclable. I tell those folks to keep them and give them to me if they don't want them. Most every penny that I get, if I don't spend it that same day, goes into my penny jar, which has nigh on 20,000 pennies in it. Yes, really.

And I pulled another one up there: if I can recycle it, I do. That's not just about being green or nature-friendly either. Where I live, garbage costs money to be taken away, but recyclables don't cost me a thing. The less I actually put in my garbage bag, the less I have to pay for that same garbage bag (or the more weeks-worth of garbage I can get into a single bag).

I don't like buying game systems anymore. I want an XBOX, but I'm not apt to drop the money on one. I love thinking with portals, (and my computer is too old and slow to run the computer versions) but I live through the games watching the serial commentaries.

That brings me back to the journey versus destination thing. I prefer the commentaries, not the speed walkthroughs. I'm not watching them to get me past a level, I'm watching them to relive the aspects of the game without dropping money on them. The largest cost of that is watching the player suffer through being stumped when the solution seems obvious to me.

I just got an apartment of my own, and now I'm cutting corners even more. But at last now I can hang out at home with a date and do what I want, not worrying about offending my parents' scruples. Anyone want to get down with it?