Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pantheism versus Panentheism

Just hours ago I didn't know there was something so close to Pantheism and yet... not.

When I first discovered the term, I became concerned that I might be using the wrong terminology to describe what and how I believe. Fortunately, after skimming some overly-long-winded dissertations on the difference, I've decided I've been calling it correctly.

Pantheism is, in short, believing God (or Goddess) is synonymous with nature. To pray to God is to pray to nature. To worship God is to worship nature.

Panentheism, on the other hand, is believing that God permeates every aspect of nature. It's a strange concept to me, but nonetheless a logical possibility. It is however, not what I believe is true in my own search for spirituality.

I am a Pantheist, and a non-Teleological one at that. Panentheism does not seem to have a non-teleological counterpart by sheer definition.