Monday, May 16, 2011

She Who Misses Me Most

I've been moved out, what, 72 hours? And who already misses me unbearably? The cat. More proof that I'm more cat-person than dog person, but that doesn't stop folks from asking me to dog-sit, which I love doing. It also lets me rake in a bit more money without actually picking up a third job (just thinking about trying to work three jobs makes me feel tired).

So I love animals. Fortunately, unlike most of the friends that I've broken with in the past few years, I willingly admit that I cannot afford to have one of my own, and honestly, I don't want one. That's just like picking up a third job (see above). Besides, I think I have so much more fun taking care of other people's animals. I don't have to worry about training or long term care, don't have to pay for them (and get paid instead). What could be better?