Sunday, May 15, 2011

There's A Hitmontop In My Future

I don't believe in the power of tarot cards, or any other foretelling or mind-reading device, to do exactly that: mind-read or foretell. Those are parlor tricks and I have no interest in trying to deceive myself or anyone else.

However, the cards can be used (exactly as those who participate in the above warn you against) in focusing your own mind. I suppose of the greatest reasons why they discourage this is that many people (or at least those who participate in the parlor tricks, regardless what side of the table they sit on) re willing and happy to lie to themselves about what's going on in their lives.

That's what I use them for. Just as a ritual or mantra helps to focus the mind, I am wiling to use tarot. Now, don't get me wrong: yes, I've read through the booklet that came with it, and I do know many of the intended meaning for certain cards, but I do not subscribe to them. The cads that I use each have an emotional meaning or two to them, and that is what I base my interpretations on. It is far less mystical methodology, and allows for far broader truths to be told. Under this, I could just as easily use pokemon cards as tarot, provided I had a variety of emotions associated individually with specific cards.

I do not believe in "the power of the cards" for tarot, or for pokemon or any other deck I have. All I believe in is personal interpretation, randomness of the deal, and dedicated insight. That's all I need.