Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When You Can't Trust A Euphemism To Stay A Euphemism

"This is not the usual route.... Um, Jibril is the usual herald for these things."
" 'Herald'? ... Is that a euphemism?"
"Yes... No. Messiahs are complicated. Some are born, but most are made."

-Archangel Protocol by Lyda Morehouse

With May 21st approaching quickly, who hasn't been thinking about the approaching End of the World? Well, to be honest, I haven't, and it wouldn't surprise me if many of you haven't given it any more thought than the other claims that have come to light recently.

If there was going to be an "end" I think it should have happened when we rolled over to the '00s, but it didn't seem to. Or maybe it did and nobody noticed. I'm not going to mention The Matrix, but... damn, I just mentioned it.

Brains in vats, shadows on the wall, what's the big difference? The answer is that there isn't one. Follow me from the best of all possible worlds to the most unlikely one, and there we'll meet our maker. Or at least our own perception of it/her/him/them/us.

The world will only end when you let it end, when you let civilization break down and fall apart, when we let anarchy rule us. Yes, I am a Libertarian, but that does not mean I'm an anarchist. I believe in freedom, not chaos. Disorder has more bars on its windows than order and enslavement, because one all but guarantees punishment to the guilty (and some of the innocent) and the other does the reverse.

If disorder falls, stand strong against everything the world tries to throw at us. Find a way to hold close all the people you care about, and the people they care about, even if those two circles don't overlap.