Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All Injuries Must Be Written Up EXCEPT Papercuts

I understand the need for the yearly OSHA review at my evening job, and I'm amazed that my morning job doesn't feel the need to touch on anything (while also being fairly certain that the morning job has plenty of violations).

They mention MSDS sheets here, and while we never see them, I handles them all the time at the pool company I work for, even though I never actually handle the chemicals. It's disturbing how many people might be so careless with chemicals that such sheets are necessary.

OSHA review here, at my evening job, well I wouldn't be caught saying that it wasn't a serious affair, isn't completely necessary. We have the review session every year, take the quiz every year, and make jokes about how stupid the questions are on the quiz.

It's sad to think that some people are so clueless that they can't figure such things out, and yet still willing to sie companies over such matters (which is probably the real reason for all these measures: liability.)