Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All My Work For What? And What You Should Really Fear...

I write so many dream guides, and all it takes is one person misreading a microblog reposting to take exactly the opposite response I intended. They've developed increased fear about the dream, convincing themselves that Inception is real and not fiction.

I understand the rules and lies that Inception builds within dreams to make the story work, but too many people see the few things that they like and take the lies with the truths.

But all I seek is to educate, not to convince.

Why should you be educated about dreams?
I cannot say for certain that dreams are or are not dangerous. I cannot say for certain. Can anybody?

For myself, I would rather be educated about something that might be dangerous, so I can know whether or not, and to what degree, I should fear it. For all my experience with dreams, I have seen no reason to fear dreams.

What you should really fear:
Fear the unknown, that which you cannot know. I am giving you the opportunity to know and learn more about dreams. If you choose to not be educated about dreams, and instead to irrationally fear them, there is nothing I can do. But I will ask that you not pass those fears on to others who may not make that same choice.

It can have disastrous consequences for all parties involved.