Sunday, June 5, 2011

Customer Service Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Yes, I get verbally abused at work, and not always just by the customers. The management isn't always the kindest, often demanding more out of me than I have to give. I'm a little lucky in that at least: my parts and tech support supervisor understands all the pressure my coworkers and I are under to know so very much information to deal with all the areas that we have to be experts in, and cuts us a little slack.

But then, I've suffered from verbal abuse from my dates and relationships. First off, I didn't get paid for their abuse (sex is not payment, it's an attempt at compensation, which is something very different). Second, the abusive job pays better than unemployment.

I've learned to grow a thicker skin, to clean up my tone of voice at the start of every new call, and to be patient with people who are smart enough to admit they don't know enough. I've learned to better understand foreign accents. I've learned that if you pay someone enough, they will keep coming back after being repeatedly abused.

I've also learned to find personally rewarding moments during a few of my calls, enough to get me through the rest of the shift.