Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't Need No Stinkin' Baby Store For These Carriage Returns

I'm a stickler for paragraphs. Anyone who has read my blogs for any length of time knows that I'm generous with my line breaks.

I can't stand people who insist on incorporating multiple concepts and too many ideas into a single paragraphs. It just becomes too difficult to read, especially when it comes to dialog.

If this was thirty years ago when paper was at a premium, ink was very expensive, and the majority of writing was done by hand or on a typewriter (on which Ctrl-Z was white-out), I would understand. But messages over the internet and electronic mail are not so engraved in stone. They are much more flexible, editable, and cost-effective.

It takes no discernable additional time to send a message with paragraph breaks than without, unless your message is an excessive length, nearing the hard charater limit around 65,000.

But that rarely happens.

So use paragraph breaks. Better to use too many than too few.