Monday, June 13, 2011

For Some, Tomorrow Won't Come. I Won't Make That Mistake Again

You've gotta live every single day
Like it's the only one
What if tomorrow never comes?

"Never Gonna Be Alone" by Nickelback

I've been hanging out with someone lately. Someone who sees a lot of the world similarly as I do, and, as I discovered yesterday, sees our relationship much as I do.

It's a slightly-less-than-platonic friendship. We're both in this for psychological comfort, no-strings physical contact, but it's hard to put a name to it. Neither of us likes the term "friends with benefits." Too often, those "friends" are only friends for the sake of receiving "benefits."

We're friends. That's all that's important.

She broached a subject that I was cautiously considering doing the same: defining our relationship.

We're friends. That's all that's important.

If she finds someone, or if I do (especially with the Pride Parade coming up, I don't intend on holding myself back this year), we'll still be friends. Maybe we'll have less physical contact, but that's it.

Since we don't have a contractual obligation to each other, or appointments to keep, we have little to fear, especially since I don't have the best track record with breaking up with people.

We're just friends.

Don't let it slip away, could be our only one...