Monday, June 27, 2011

For The Win

The mohawk/ear hat performed commendably. As far as I'm concerned, it was a wonderful success. And yes, I know I said picture would be up on my tumblr, I know they aren't yet; I'm working on it. I busted my free 3G limit for the month well before the month was over, and now I'm paying for it by having to walk three blocks to get a free wifi connection (my neighbors got wise and finally locked their systems down). Well, at least it's not snowing, and I'm not barefoot; could be worse.

So I will probably be selling hats after all. I know--mostly--what I'm doing. The next hardest part will be finding ample compensation for the difficulty of building these things, without exceeding what people are willing to pay. Even if I did have a sewing machine, because of the nature of some of the stitches, portions would still need to be done by hand.

And I will definitely be making more color options, even possibly doing custom patterns to a limited extent. Really, the reason for selling hats to people is not because they can't figure out how to make hats for themselves, but because they decide their time is better spent doing other things, like making money, which is then spent on hats.

The amount of money it takes to buy most ear hats I make in about two hours. The amount of personal time invested in making a hat is about six weeks, all added together. That's a considerable difference; however, time spent making hats (except when I'm getting frustrated) counts as relaxation time.

Now if I could just sew in a straight line on a regular basis...