Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Don't Own A TV

with working depth perception,
who needs 3-D TV?
we've got a world around us
with plenty for us to see.
-"Real Trumps Artificial" by Ace Edmonds

I don't own a television, and really don't see a reason to get one. What are televisions for? Watching the world around you, getting news, entertainment. I get all that and more from my cell phone and my laptop. Sure, I may get a game system (I own half-shares with my sister, and we haven't decided how to divvy them up yet, so they're still at the folks' home) but beyond that, there's no need.

I don't watch television. I have no desire. Most of the shows on are either drama, which I already have too much of in my own life, comedy, which I don't find funny, crime, which most of the time I'd rather read, or science/documentary, which I'd definitely rather read.

I also spend most of the week in front of a screen. I really shouldn't be staring at one any longer than I already do.