Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh, Look: An Alternative

"There is nothing that exists that has only one side. Even a piece of paper, thin as it is, has two sides. [Language] is not one-dimensional either.... Look at the whole."
-Darken Rahl from Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind, paraphrased.

On the other side of putting out language, is receiving language. Hearing, and listening which is a step beyond, and understanding which is another, still further and more difficult step beyond that.

Ejaculating language is easy, but accepting language from others is not. It takes long practice and much skill to receive and interpret all forms of language presented to you from others, especially if it is not intentionally directed at you: then, not only do you have to internally interpret words, tone, and body language, but also context. Interpreting context from an outside view is as difficult as building a court case based solely on hearsay.

Many people are terrible at receiving language, so they compensate by increasing their output. All too often, those who adapt a quiet demeanor do so under the abuse of those who increase their output of language, like myself.

This is where I distinguish between shyness and quietness. I observe the word quietly because too often my output has not been received, as surrounded as I have been with those who talk more to make up for their inability to listen.

Too few people in this world find balance with their input and output, and not just in terms of language. Balance is truly important, but not as important as the journey to achieving balance.