Tuesday, July 12, 2011

As It Is Willed...

One of the biggest things I have a problem with is Intention.

There are always so many thing I intend to do, and I am so very good at planning, but when the theory turns to practice is where I find myself getting in trouble.

I make plans. Lots of them, and most go unused. Planning is something that helps occupy me when there's nothing more interesting going on. Some of my stories (most of the ones that go unshared) are built on alterated choices, if I'd followed through.

My inability to follow through isn't so much about a short-coming in the person I am, but a feature of my personality. I am not naturally bold. My head can be bold, and sometimes dangerously so, but my masks rarely show that boldness shining through. The few times it has, I've generally gotten myself in trouble.