Sunday, July 3, 2011

Coincidental Sequential Advertising I

Hulu is proud to support the Partnership for a Drugfree America. ...I'm not a morning person, but then I discovered five-hour energy.

First, let me start with a disclaimer: I neither internally nor unintentionally support, promote, or discourage any of the businesses or products described. I'm just pointing out a few things.

Coincidental sequential advertising is amusing to say the least. It happens often enough on billboards that promote conflicting services or products, like religion and pornography. When it happens on television or on websites, I find it even more amusing because it is possible (hypothetically, at least) to write code to prevent it.

Now, I know most people probably don't think about it, but do you know what the most abused drug in the US is?

Caffeine. As a whole, uppers. Something to keep you awake when your body wants to be asleep. Something to keep you vertical when all you really want is to be horizontal.

Now, I don't use the junk myself, shy of the scant amount I get from chocolate, but even in that I've toned back quite a bit.

Still, to find an anti-drug campaign followed by an ad promoting an upper, regardless what it is in that upper that keeps you, well, up, is too amusing for me not to let it by. And chances are, the Partnership doesn't even consider taking a stand against caffeine and other oft-ignored uppers. Maybe they should.