Friday, July 8, 2011

The End of The World While You Wait

I never really understood those "While You Wait" signs, whether they're for an oil change, tire rotation, or anything else.

while you do it, I'll be waiting. Whether you take ten minutes or ten days, I'll still be waiting.

I suppose its intention is for you to wait in their office or waiting room while they do it, giving the idea that it won't take very long, but why don't they just say that? Hairdressers have signs that they put up saying "Walk-ins Welcome" which implies that there is a short waiting time to get your hair dressed. That gives a clear idea of duration. "While you wait," on the other hand, is pretty much meaningless.

"Thirty-minute or it's free" would be far more useful information, ever if they removed "or it's free" (especially since so few mechanics work like pizza shops). Then I'd at least know how long to be kept waiting and plan accordingly.