Saturday, July 9, 2011

If I Had A Superpower... wouldn't be a stock power. No time control, invisibility or flight for me. I've thought long and hard about what it might or could be, and I've never been able to come up with a good answer.

I've been watching Misfits on hulu, and I think I've figured a few things out.

The main characters' powers are based off of what they truly desire in life.

Simon tries his best to fit in, and fails at it, not terribly unlike myself, and so he finds himself in awkward social settings where he wishes he would just disappear. So now he does, despite the true root of his desire is the sense of fitting in, not disappearing.

Alisha wants to feel desired, feel passion from others, feel that she needs to be needed. So now she does, but the only thing she finds herself being filled with is others' perverse lusts. She touches people, and their lusts for her body manifest. My question is: what happens if she touches a gay man or a straight woman?

Curtis made one big choice in his life that led him to where he is and the person he is, and he often gets caught in the feeling that it ruined his life, so he has the desire to change it. Unfortunately, playing around with past choices is rarely a good idea. Still he finds that power manifesting in his ability to go back and change things.

Kelly too often finds herself caught up in the web of lies that others surround her with, and wishes she could break through that. Perhaps she never intended it to manifest in the way that gives her the ability to know the truths that go unsaid in their minds.

Nathan is an asshole and an idiot. I can't tell yet if he has any innate desire or driving need in his life. He reminds me very much of Candide, and seems to have the best (or worst) possible timing. If any power manifests for him, I imagine it would probably be related to this, though I have not looked ahead beyond those episodes that have appeared on hulu.

I'm sure we all wish we had some power that made us different from others, setting us apart and (ideally) above the average Joe. Unfortunately, this seems to be the plainest of all possible worlds.

Still, I cannot help but hope that things turn out otherwise.