Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Not Bothered, Are You?

I know that from my choices in life, and the person I've turned out to be, if I ever find someone to settle down with, they will probably be smarter than myself, and very likely make more money. It's not that I'm the dullest knife in the drawer, and I can certainly hold my own in most intellectual conversations, but I'm not much for school-learning; it's just not for me. I have an Associates, and see no reason to strive for anything more. (It doesn't help that anything that I'm good enough at or passionate enough in to be worth majoring in for a Bachelors or higher doesn't get me any better paying jobs).

I can make enough money to live off of (barely) and support myself right now. I am striving to get a better job or two, and hopefully feel less constrained and tight-fingered by the money I make, but that's just not in the cards these days. Even still, I won't be the breadwinner.

My biggest concern is if they'll resent me for it...