Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Peers Here

I don't think I'll be making many, if any, friends in my new department. Most of the commercial reps need me to walk them through all the information that I take for granted, like how I know where a part number came from just based on how it's formatted. I'm separate, apart, never to be one of them.

I can tell the folks who sit near me try, but they're probably just putting on airs. Not, to say, that I have a problem with that, or that I'm a stranger to such treatment. I'm a tool, that's all, and put there for their convenience.

I don't terribly mind being a tool, because then if I'm a little short in my tone, it's almost expected; and if I spell things out a little more clearly than necessary, that too is expected: it's just me being thorough, covering my bases just in case someone tries to tell me that I've got something wrong.

Then again, I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to work, get a paycheck so that I can keep food in my refrigerator and my pantry, gas in my car, and a roof over my head.