Thursday, July 7, 2011

On Opening Your Eyes: Nothing to Do With Dreaming

Where did all the gays come from?
-overheard while waiting for a Metra train, June 26, 2011, Geneva, IL

They've always been there, silly, you've just finally started opening your eyes.

That, I think, is one of the greatest barriers to full integration for non-heterosexual citizens: heterosexual citizens aren't willing to open their eyes to see all the different kinds of people around them, denying their existence. If a geographic area is only filled with one demographic, there is no reason to put in motion laws that promote equality for other "non-existent" demographics.

More often the case is that anyone who is part of a different demographic is simply denied access to identfy themselves with that demographic. Not so much "if you squeeze your eyes shut tight and wish them away, they'll go," but instead "..and wish them to disappear, they'll change and look and behave just like you."

Consider Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statement: There are no homosexuals in Iran.

It's not that there are none, but those that do exist are denied the right to identify them as such. If they are denied the right to identify themselves as what they are, any surveys done of the area will turn up empty-handed.

If you fill out a survey, and it only has one box for ethnicity: Caucasian, you don't have a choice what to pick. Any area that refuses to identify any other ethnicity will show in their survey a population of zero. If the survey shows no other ethnicity, there's no reason to enforce programs such as Affirmative Action.

There are only two cures for blindness that I can find: a really bright light or a bullet to the head. I'm not advocating the latter, but for people who refuse to acknowledge the former, something needs to be done.