Saturday, July 16, 2011

Question for My Readers: Domain and Hosting

I'm finding myself very much drawn to buying a domain and paying for hosting for this blog. It feels like it would appear more professional and permanent, and become easier to promote. Unfortunately, I have a way of abandoning projects, that leaves any monetary investments wasted.

My ISBNs are very much the same way. Several years ago, I bought ten ISBNs, because that was the smallest number I, as a private individual, could purchase at any given time. Those ISBNs haven't been wholly wasted, because I'm still using them, and each time I publish a new book or ebook, I use another.

I have literally dozens of accounts in other websites, at least two from LiveJournal, that host journals and blogs that I tried to make work. They all fell by the wayside. I don't intend to let that happen to DreamClassier, but I've already discussed the problem I have with intentions.

I do think it would look better if I had or .info, or anything in between, on advertisements, bumper stickers, and clothing. I also believe that having an email through my domain serves as its own advertisement, and few people don't realize that aspect.

I looked at GoDaddy at first, simply because that was the only real name in hosting that I'd heard of, but after doing research, I've found nothing but bad reviews. The biggest line I've heard about them is that they're one of the cheapest hosts out there, but everybody is saying "you get what you pay for." Cheap hosting translates to poor quality.

I started looking at comparison charts by independent reviewers, and by companies, and one name seems to be mentioned in good graces more than any other: iPage.

I like their offers, from the money-back guarantee to the free advertising credit for both Yahoo's and Google's ad services, the "unlimited bandwidth" and "unlimited storage" (they examine how much you should be using, and if you abuse it they set a limit, but otherwise you're boundless as long as it gets used responsibly), and free emails with email forwarding. The security is also included in the basic packages, something GoDaddy charges extra for.

And the price isn't bad. Lately, they've been posting 2.95/month specials, and when those end, 4.95/month, which isn't a bad number either. If I did this, I'd probably buy the long term, three years, which at the lower deal is just over $100. One hundred dollars is not a frightening number. I make that in twelve hours or so, after taxes.

Still, I'm not inclined to jump into anything. I already verified that I can use the Google AdWords credit with my pre-existing AdWords account, and their response time was better than I get from my bank. I'm also still looking around, seeing what other options exist.

I'm also trying to get opinions from my readers, like you.

Do you think I'm jumping into things prematurely, or do you think I'm taking the right steps and it's alright for me to take this leap?