Thursday, July 28, 2011

Saving Myself For Someone Special

When I stopped feeling immortal and start feeling like a human that might have a timelimit, I made the decision to not hold myself back from trying things. That was soon after I came out to myself about my sexuality.

Sex was one thing. It wasn't that I was in a rush to get rid of my virginity, but more that I wasn't going to let the concept of abstinence prevent me from performing if the opportunity came up. As it worked out, that opportunity didn't arise for several years. I had sex with a girl, and I'll admit that it didn't seem like everything people had made it out to be. It took me several more years before I learned to pleasure myself.

However, for all the things I've tried, I have yet to get that physically intimate with a guy. Strange as it may seem to some, I'm saving myself for the right guy. That's far more important to me one my homosexual side than on my heterosexual side.

But I'd be hardpressed to tell you why.

I wouldn't say I've had intercourse with a lot of gals. If I did, it would be an outright lie. But neither have I held myself back with gals who were eager to share that with me at the time.

Guys, on the other hand, I've had opportunity, but held myself back.