Saturday, July 30, 2011

Second Guessing Past Mistakes

I'm guilty of making bad choices in the past. Though, to clarify, I consider "the past" in this context to start five minutes ago.

I've made bad choices when it comes to relationships, as I'm sure we all have. I've tried to hold myself back, leap in with both feet, and all manner of degrees in between, and I've never found a good rule, a universal balancing point.

I like talking to people, don't terribly mind giving out personal information, except when it comes to contact information. But many of the things people ask about are so similar to all the things I've posted on here to the public about my morals, ethics, beliefs, dreams, and points of view, that holding back the quirky facts about me wouldn't be fair.

Sure, I have accounts on dating websites, but everything I provide is carefully combed over to give a certain impression. I've been known to sign up for multiple accounts (not just on art communities) where the rules don't specifically prohibit it, or course, for different needs. If I'm in the mood for furry, I know which name to re-activate; if I'm looking for non-fetish, casual but affectionate friendships, then another.

I have two phone numbers. My cell and my Google voice. I have no qualms handing out my Google voice number because I don't have a lot of ties to it. All my family needs my cell number; I daren't change it if I can help it. The beauty of a Google voice number is that it still rings my cell phone.

So I know how to play it safe. The only question and hope is, can I weed out those who are deserving of more intimate trust and give them more intimate details?