Tuesday, July 19, 2011


There's a boy I like.

It's not that I find him particularly attractive, though he is in his own way. It's not that we have a lot in common, because we really don't have too much to talk about, though we do have a few interests in common. It's not that he's into me, which I don't think he is; as long as I've known him, I've not noticed any particular attraction towards guys.

What draws me to him is that every time we run into each other, always completely by accident, he seems genuinely happy that I'm still alive and well. Nobody else smiles so widely, or has their eyes light up so brightly, or insists on a hug (which I am always happy to provide) when they run into me.

I'm also a little jealous, because he can pull off wearing a trench coat and a top hat (though not necessarily together) and I can't.

I wish I knew what he saw in me. I wish I could learn to see it in myself.