Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stepping Storytelling Backwards

I have a channel on YouTube that I very much enjoy: The Yogscast, who do a lot of Minecraft playing recordings and stories. They help keep my addiction sated, but their longest running story is difficult to keep up with if you don't watch them regularly and remember what episodes you've watched.

With my refusal to purchase internet service for myself, I don't have that luxury.

So I made a decision: I'm watching through all the episodes again, but instead of just being a passive observer, and instead of just writing down a list somewhere of episodes watched and brief synopses, I'm going to write the story itself as fan-fiction.

This isn't too far removed from the manga-based novels that I own, built off of video-game-based manga. And while movies are supposed to be one step up from the written word in terms of storytelling, this can actually reach out to a broader audience as well. For anyone who enjoys stories, but doesn't understand the draw of a game with such pixelated graphics, they can read these stories and imagine the graphics as detailed as they like in their minds.

I'm sure I could probably get more people involved in this project, but I'm fairly vain about my own storytelling abilities, and would like to keep my efforts separate. It wouldn't even surprise me if someone was already doing something like this.

If anyone is interested in my progress, the first entry is available here, and further portions will be linked to in the description.