Monday, July 25, 2011

Ulterior Motives

Short entry tonight folks. Sorry, wrists really killing me.

People are commenting on my write-ups of the Yogscast videos like I'm crazy. Yes, I'm well aware that they're up to twenty-nine episodes. But what they don't seem to notice is: with the three pieces I've done so far on just the first two episodes, I've picked up over two hundred pageviews in the past two days, most of which are people who never knew I existed before. Unique pageviews are something worth celebrating, especially on an art website where writers have to fight for every last view and visual artists get honors handed to them without working very hard.

I am not as innocent minded as so many people out there, and yes, I do fully intend to keep adding more episode write-ups. I'm averaging 100 views per episode right now. I'd be crazy not to continue this project.