Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Futility of Fortune Telling: A One Card Read

A one card read. You heard me right.

Most tarot spreads use somewhere between three and twenty cards. There are certainly some that use less, and probably some that use more. I'll be using my Deviant Moon Tarot deck for this illustration, the Deviant Moon Spread, which uses ten cards, and the same card in all ten positions. And, as per usual, I will be using my personal interpretation of the lone card, not the one intended by the artist.

I. Present Day
I'm dancing, but can't tell if anybody is watching. Part of me wants to look, but my introspection is too important to open my eyes and rixk being affected by them.

II. Past Influences
She looks like my most recent ex, who gave me so much, taught me so much, but also stole so much from me. I'm still fighting to regain what I care for, and fighting to live without what she had the mercy to take from me.

III. Subconscious Influences
The rhythm is always there, even if I can't always feel it, can't always hear it. The greensong might not be present in this place, but I've made my own beat that will suffice.

IV. Secret Wishes and Desires
To stand alone, apart. To worship the sky and the earth confidently with my movements. To prove those who said I couldn't do it wrong.

V. Hidden Forces
There is a greensong. It's dimmed, but sometimes, when I can manage to quiet myself, I can hear it. The earth is my Goddess, and even though I don't believe she can affect my life, I do believe she appreciates my effort to reach out.

VI. Events Yet To Come
I will get an opportunity to climb onto that stage and show the audience of stars what I have to offer. Will I succeed?

VII. Surrounding Environment
There are others dancers, other dances out there. I can see them, hear them, feel them. They do not dance for me, but they do aid me nonetheless, by proving that it can be done.

VIII. Influence of Others
They might critique how I approach my way, not looking like they do, or as they feel I ought to. I'm never going to be what they want me to be, so I shouldn't bother trying to pretend, and intend, put myself out there with the intent to be me and nothing more.

IX. Spiritual Forces
My Goddess will dance with me and within me. She will hold my feet up when I lower them to the earth, and though she may not keep me from falling or flailing, she will be there to catch me always.

X. Final Outcome
There is the dance and nothing more. We all dance, every day of our lives. It doesn't matter how we dance, only whether we do it as ourselves or as someone else. I shall do it as myself, or I shan't do it at all.

Alright, there it is. One card, ten-positions, one spread. For those who are curious, the card was chosen somewhat randomly (it was on the bottom of the deck, and also happens to have several different meanings for me depending on what positions it holds), and, for those that know me and this deck well enough, you should know which card this is already. For those that do not, I will share, and for all of us, I will also share the artist's intended meaning, which I do not even know. Also: I should state that because I interpret the cards by their emotional meaning to me, not their intended meaning, I always lay them uproght, rather than leaving to chance whether they fall upright or upside-down.

Two of Pentacles: the belly dancer performs under the light of the crescent moon, balancing two silvery pentacles against the sky. Although her moves seem effortless, they come with great practice and concentration. Upright meanings: Balance and harmony with effort; handling multiple situations. Reversed meanings: Inability to maintain balance in life; misplaced priorities. -Patrick Valenza