Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ignore the Guy In The Monkey Suit

If I had a world of my own everything will be nonsense
Nothing will be what it is because everything will be what it isn't
-"Her Name Is Alice" by Shinedown

"Why's a gorilla wearing a gorilla costume?"
-Nathan, Season 2, Episode 5, Misfits

Sometimes things are more than they seem, sometimes they're less, and sometimes they're pretending to be exactly what they already are. We all wear masks, sometimes to protect ourselves from each other, and sometimes to protect ourselves from ourselves.

Who I am inside isn't clear. There's a fog in here, a haze, like I can't admit everything I am to myself. I've caught glimpses of things I don't like, and fewer still things that I have. And maybe there are things about myself I'm not ready to know...

Should we be ignoring the guy in the monkey suit, or should we really be ignoring the monkey suit? Or should we be taking both what's inside and what's outside into consideration?

There's no point in trying to stop yourself from making snap judgments and sorting people into categories and stereotypes. There's nothing wrong with it. The only problem is when you don't give yourself the option to change what category they belong in. Sometimes, people change, and sometimes they're the same, but we simply know them better.

The only thing wrong with identifying ignorance is not striving to correct it.