Monday, August 8, 2011

In Whose Image?

Reach out and touch faith.
-"Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode

The idea of a supreme god doesn't feel right with me. I'd have to admit it never really made sense, between surpremacy and us made in his image... there's a large power play between those two levels that goes unaccounted for.

In my experience, both in examining my beliefs and watching others practice their's, I've seen people truly worship two things: Flesh and the Fruits of the Earth.

Fruits of the Earth is everything we get from our dear, little planet, from things that do us good, to things that destroy Her. Wealth, poverty, abundance, shortage, all these things are created by the distrobution of those Fruits. I hear of and see people who worship money, but money is just a symbolic representation of those Fruits.

Flesh is the other thing, but it goes far beyond the things that normally come to mind. I'm not talking about physical indulgence. "Man in God's own image." Maybe that's backward. God in man's image seems more apt. The masses may convince themselves that their god or gods appear in human form because they are not ready or capable to see the true form, but I disagree.

I think seeing a god in man's own image bring power into the concept of being human. If we can feel physical sensations, then "God" can too, and understand why we/they are so driven to feel them. It is far easier to be sympathetic for someone else's weaknesses if we have seen the same weaknesses in ourselves.

I don't believe in deceiving myself. My god is in no form but her own. She is largely ambivelent to my actions, and probably very much unaware of them. I ask nothing or her, because wanting things is a human concept, and she is very far from human. I worship the Earth, survive on the fruits she provides and on the flesh she also supports.

I do not worship symbols, like so many churches encourage. Why hide inside a building when I can be out experiencing her firsthand? Everything shy of that is hearsay.