Monday, August 29, 2011

Leave Your Asides On Stage

An aside is when a character, usually in a stage play, takes a moment to step out of their universe and address the audience directly. If you're watched Repo: The Genetic Opera (not the rip-off, Repo-Men), then you've seen  Graverobber (Zdunich) as the narrator speaking (or more precisely singing) about the storyline. These are asides.

Some people try to fit asides into real life. It doesn't work. I can still hear you, unlike the characters in the movie or play.

I was talking to someone on the phone today (no surprise) and they said to their friend/family member/whatever "I can't stand incompetence" after me trying unsuccessfully to help them with a problem that I'm not really qualified to handle in the first place. As usual, I said "I'm sorry?" as if I heard them say something, thought it was to me, but didn't understand what they said. And, as usual, "I'm not talking to you" came back to me.

People don't seem to understand how much range of pick-up telephone microphones have, and it's going to get them in trouble. I will laugh when it does. Here: I won't even wait until it get you in trouble. I'll say it right now.

Told you so.