Monday, August 22, 2011

Making Excuses: Part Two

In Part One I dicussed unnecessary excuses. In this part I will be discussing invalid excuses.

"I'm on the Do-Not-Call list."

So what? You want me to give you a sticker? I'm on the DNC too.

If you had bothered to read the fine print, you would know that the Do-Not-Call list does not apply to every marketing or recruitment call you receive.

First of all: if you have been a customer of the company (I believe within three years), it does not apply. "Being a customer" includes making purchases and participating in services. In other words: if you've donated blood with us, we can call you.

Second: not-for-profits are exempted. Most (not all) blood bank services are not-for-profits. The one I work for certainly is! So even if you haven't been a customer with us within that timeframe, we can still call you.

So get off your lazy ass and donate blood.