Thursday, August 25, 2011

Potential Is Only A Word Until You Reach For It

"I'm representing the universe."
"Hey, then what am I representing?"
"I'm representing dreams."
-Simon and Lewis of the Yogscast, Yogolympics

...For who they are, and who they can be...
-Taylor Mali, "What Teachers Make"

And I hold in my hands and upon my shoulders the bridge that takes us from one state to the other. You can call me Virgil, Ishmael, Guide.

I have set before you all a gateway to everything that can be possible, and many things that cannot; a doorway into "shapes and shadows" as it were (Shinedown, "Her Name is Alice").

Like all guides, I can only show you the way. I can only tell you what sights and landmarks that stand out to me, but those are my markers that help me get there. I need your help to find your way. Your questions, your experiences, your conversation to help bring you to the other side of the veil, and back again with all your memories of such experiences intact.

Ask me what you wish to know, and I will do all I can to bring you complete and unbiased answers, and maybe you can help me learn a thing or two about this place that lives within all of us, that stands with one foot in science, one foot in psychology, and one foot in the supernatural.

And don't dis three feet until you've tried it.