Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Problem With Trying To Stump Me that eventually you'll succeed.

The technical support requests from the commercial reps are starting to get rediculous. One wants me to find out if we sell replacement jets on a spa, and the only information provided is the serial number on the controller module. Even the manufacturer doesn't know that. How do I know? I asked them, and they were damn unprofessional about it too.

I get customers questioning whether I sent them the right part, so I call up the manufacturer to confirm and the tech support guy from the manufacturer gets upset because I'm "calling too much." If you don't want to provide support, you're in the wrong business, dumbass.

The problem with trying to stump me by asking too rediculous of a question or providing me with too little information is not that I think you'll break me, because you won't. You can only break someone who doesn't believe they can be beaten, and I certainly have no illusions about that!

The problem is that: if I can't solve the problem, good luck finding someone who will.

I pride myself on my ability to find a lead within five Google searches. Not the answer, but a lead. If I can't, few others can either, and it's highly doubtful that there are many other people who can claim to have that ability.