Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today's Lunch: CPU-Heated Frozen Leftover Pizza

Living alone and on a grossly limited budget has taught me some interesting things about my appetite.

Number one: I prefer lukewarm food on warm dishes to hot food on any temperature dish. Despite how much I do like wrapping my hands around a food-heated dish, I too often find myself waiting until the food cools down to eat it (or in the case of tea, drink it).

Number two: I don't get tired of chicken. I've only been fixing it one way for the first three months, and though it is slightly different each time because I'm still working on my technique, the base flavor and sauces remain the same.

Number three: I can at long last do what I always wish others had done when cooking chicken: make too much sauce. I love my food dripping and drooling with sauce. I don't want my dinner to make me thirsty, and I don't want to fill myself up by drinking too much water or juice because the food is too dry. No longer! Now that I know how the sauce is made, if I need more, it's easy for me to make me.

Number four: I'm not a three-meal-a-day person. Depending on my work I eat four or five meals a day, and it keeps me satisfied far more than trying to squeeze three larger meals in.

Number five: when I'm free to make my own food when I'm hungry and not depend on someone else to schedule my eating times, I'm less prone to snacking. Since my meals are hardly set in stone (and since I don't have to worry about waking someone up to make a decent midnight-snack), I'm less inclined to reach for something that I can grab quickly and return to my room.

Number six: this last one isn't really a revelation, because I never doubted it even before I moved out. Leftovers sometimes taste better. Hell, leftovers very often taste better (except maybe for plain chicken and sauce). Frozen pizza warmed slowly over my CPU at work instead of letting it drip all over the inside of my bag and then using my break time trying to get it to the right temperature is the way to go! (As long as I make sure it doesn't drip condensate over the innards, of course.)

And no, I'm not kidding. That's really what I had for my lunch today.