Friday, August 19, 2011

What Outfit Stands Out In A Crowd Of Business Suits?

Why you always running in place?
-"Second Chance" by Shinedown

I always vowed when I was growing up that I'd never become a mindless drone, a man who wore the same suit everyday and worked the same shift everyday. I'm juggling two, sometimes three jobs right now, and I have little enough opportunity to throw creativity and personality into them, but I make every chance count.

I'm not running in place.

I write something everyday. Not everything gets shared, but eventually they all will be. (Sometimes what I write doesn't have much value on its own, but would bring life to something longer. It wouldn't be the first time I or another writer has done that.) I'm also keeping up on this entries fairly well. I know sometimes they're not the most entertaining, but sometimes it takes some blandness to draw out the brightness.

That is, after all, why I wear so much black: because it makes my favorite color stand out so much the brighted.

Here's to hoping that my life can stand out all the brighter too.