Monday, September 26, 2011

Admiration vs Idolization

The two are very different but can easily be mistaken for each other. Thus, I must make a clear ditinction between the two.

I try not to idolize anyone. Anyone other there to be idolized must somehow be greater-than-human, in my mind, otherwise their acheviements are hypothetically within my reach. Hypothetically because many of such things people have done and continue to do would require great sacrifice on my part in the form of time, money, and change. With enough practice, I could (and may very well suceed in) becoming as successful as any well known writer, Neil Gaiman, Charles deLint, or other names you might think of.

Such writers I admire, only because I do so appreciate and enjoy their work (and have occasionally been compared to). Admiration comes far more easily and can fluctuate in degree. My admiration, for example, has waned in Orson Scott Card since I learned of his homophobia, but I still appreciate his work. The admiration is still there, just weakened.

In my mind, idolization is on or off, while admiration can come in degrees and be selective.