Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Calling Customer Service Rule #1

Rule Number One: Make sure you're talking to the right person before starting in on your rampage.

Too many times I've picked up the line to find someone yelling at me. Not at the company, at me in particular. Because Andrew messed up. There are four of us in the building, and it's almost never me (I don't claim to be perfect).

Sometimes they're yelling at the company. Their "one day delivery" item is taking two days. If you were in that much of a rush, you should have ordered it two days ago instead of yesterday. Or better, last week.

Even still, I can't take your complaints. Wrong department. But I can't interrupt you, you're the customer. I have to wait for you to take a breath, and sometimes that takes five, ten... fifteen minutes of you shouting at me and asking me to handle a problem that I can do nothing about.And why is that?

Because I'm a Parts specialist.