Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'll Show You "Considerate Of Others" When I Tell You Truths Most People Are Too Frightened To Say

My supervisor told me off for using smelly ointment on my hands to help the joint pain. Okay, it was off-brand Ben-gay.

Here's the thing: ever since I started using it at work, I've regularly said that if it bother anyone, to let me know and I'll stop putting it on while sitting in the rows. Nobody has complained, except for one person who knows the circumstances with my joints and accepted and okayed my use of it (and that time I had put it on before walking into the building).

Tonight my supervisor pulled me aside and told me people were complaining of it stinging their eyes. Has anyone ever come forward to complain before? No, and I explained this, and she just acts like I never said any such thing and berates me for not being considerate of others. Not considerate, my ass. I'm nothing but considerate! Half the people who sit around me have thanked me for using it because the smell has cleared their clogged noses!

I don't ask to be invisible. I've resigned myself to the curse of it, but I didn't ask for it. It's hardly my fault that I can't get as loud as most people, or that people typically ignore me when I'm talking. And don't ever, ever accuse me of not being considerate of others. Ever.