Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In Pursuit Of Truth, Someone Is Bound To Get Hurt

Would you rather innocent people were jailed for crimes they did not commit, or the guilty went free?

It has come to my attention that some of my readers do not feel the same about Truth as I do, which I, if nothing else, encourage, because that stimulates discussion and brings more comments to these lonely pages. From my two previous posts, I was inspired into this one.

Justice (in my mind, as always) is the attempt to reach Truth through consideration of perspectives, in which the truth is clouded by human error. Because of the requirement of human error (as we are human, after all, whether we like it or not) Justice can not be prefect: it is more art than science.

This question asks of two extremes. I know our real world tries to walk the line as closely as possible, punishing as few innocents and freeing as few of the guilty, both are bound to happen. So if you must err, which direction are you best erring in?

I try and keep politics out of these entries as much as possible for all of our sanities, but mine cannot help but come to light under this question.

I would prefer the guilty walked free than to punish a single innocent.

I do not subscribe to the belief that everyone is guilty of something, nor the belief that all wrongdoings should receive equal punishment. I will also admit to being a moderate Libertarian (not so extreme as to veer into Anarchism), so I do choose to support any opportunity for personal freedom over infringements on freedoms for the safety of those individuals. It's a dangerous stance, but I do feel that if we don't fight to keep our freedoms, we will lose them.

Let me expand on that last statement some. When I refer to "fighting," it is not taking up arms against those who try to infringe upon the rights that I mean. I mean that we should enjoy our freedoms, reach out and take full advantage of them (yes, even if this means taking up arms, for those of my readers in the US who enjoy the second amendment), and not taking them for granted. What better excuse to take away any of our freedoms, no matter how great or small than "Well, it's not like you're using them."