Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Quiet Ones You Should Fear...

When I feel lost I just slip away
Silently, quietly take my things and go...

-Stoned by Dido

I'm no amateur wallflower, I've been known to disappear at my own birthday parties without anybody noticing until it's time to blow out the candles or unwrap the gifts. I don't need a wall to disappear either, I get lost in the middle of classrooms, teachers staring at me, or more appropriately, through me and calling out my name.

It's not something I do on purpose, at least, not always on purpose. It's just something that happens and I've not only learned to live with it, but to take advantage of it.

I don't like being the center of attention except at times and places of my own choosing, and those moments are certainly few and far between.

I've learned to use words wisely, and to make those I bother to say count.

I've also learned to study people, watching and learning, and using those characteristics in my choice interactions with them, and occasionally basing characters off of one or more attributes.

You hear of people who are cat-people or dog-people, meaning they prefer cats or dogs, respectively, as company. I can be a cat-person and a dog-person, but one thing I don't count myself as is a people-person.

...because you never hear them coming.