Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Ways Life Isn't Fair

I love sleep. I might even be willing to suggest I might be mildly addicted to it. The things I can do while I sleep... thinking about the worlds I live in inside my head can certainly be intoxicating.

The only problem with sleep is that you can't bank on it.

A day is twenty-four hours, give or take. I usually get between six and eight hours a night (closer to six on weekdays, closer to eight on weekends), and then I'm up for the remaining time (except for the three days a week I take naps), which is around sixteen to eighteen hours. That's not quite a 1:3 ratio, but that will do for illustration purposes.

Say I sleep for a longer period than normal, like say... all winter (I don't mind the cold so much, but I really don't like snow). There's about three months, right? By the rule above, I've got about nine months of wake time built up. But it doesn't work that way. Go for something more reasonable: sleep twelve to eighteen hours, I should be able to stay up for two days.

Still no.

On the other side however, I can bank exhaustion.

If I try to stay up for two days (makes me tired just thinking about it), I'd probably sleep for fourteen to eighteen hours, unless I was forced to get up for some reason or another (like work).

I can build up waking time and then clear the debt of sleep, but I can't save up on sleep and then stay up to make up for it.

One more thing to add to the "If I Was King of the Universe..." list, I suppose.