Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On Truth

This is in response to a comment made by "Shadow" on The Door To Self-Delusion. Thank you for your comment, though I would like to read your case for your belief stated in full

Truth, in my mind, is absolute and inflexible. Truth can be perceived by many different individuals and each perception can differ, but the Truth remains the same.

Truth is, unfortunately, an intangible item (you cannot step on it or trip over it except metaphorically), but nonetheless, I believe it to be fixed in it's position. Truth is very often (admittedly, not always) the goal of a jury, as determined when persented with perspectives. Perspectives being anything from witness statements to photographs, visual and audio recordings. Perspectives can change over time, be second-guessed, or contain an incomplete view of the Truth they are trying to reveal.

I will agree that Truth is not always an easy thing to find or achieve, but when it is at long last discovered and uncovered, perspectives that were presented can be compared to it, and portions of them may be revealed as false, regardless whether the person or presentation intended to deceive or not.

Human error is a very real barrier to achieving Truth, and when Truth is clouded by human error, then it can indeed seem relative or flexible.

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