Monday, September 12, 2011

There is More To This World

Just looking up at the top floor made me dizzy and unsteady on my feet, as though any moment I might lose my footing and be snatched up into the sky, falling up and up into the endless brilliant blue. So I stopped looking up...
-From Hell with Love by Simon R Green

they're all stuck
in their own little worlds,
afraid they'd drown in the sky
if they looked up.

-I'm Not Afraid of Drowning by Ace Edmonds

People like to be trapped in their own little worlds. It helps them feel as if they are big and that they have power over something. They stop looking up, stop looking around, stop wondering, imagining, dreaming. They focus on what they have and ignore what they do not until it goes away.

Too many books and movies say this same thing, so I'm not going to quote it or supple a refernce, and paraphrase ir some:

When you stop looking for magic in the world, you'll stop finding it. It's still there, but you can't see it anymore.

I'm always looking for magic and wonder in the world, and when I get frustrated from my inability to find it, see it, and recognize it for what it is, I turn inward and dream of my own. I create, I read, I dream, I imagine the magic around me. It usually still refuses to manifest for me, but in the instance of the poem above and the event it describes, sometimes it does.

I like to think it manifests just often enough for me to keep my faith in it, but not often enough for me to get bored and used to it (though during long stretches between events I doubt that would ever happen).

There is still magic in the world. Sometimes we have to open our eyes and look around to find it, at the risk of drowning in the sky, and sometimes we have to make it ourselves.