Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why Do They Call It A Phobia When They Seem More Angry Than Frightened?

Phobia generally implies a fear: of wide open spaces, small, enclosed places, spiders, the lot. But Homophobes don't really seem fearful.

We must remember that there are different ways to respond to a "fight or flight" reaction.

Agoraphobes, arachnaephobes, and the like typically behave in a "flight" response pattern: they try to get as far from the cause of the reaction as possible. (Besides, how could you get into a fist-fist with a small space?)

Homophobes, on the other hand, react largely with a "fight" response pattern (when they're not behaving with pure denial). It's easier to attack homosexuality than to run from it, as it seems to be everywhere these days (a fact that I'm happy to see).

What is it that these angry 'phobes fear?

Change, mostly. Change to their way of life, exclusivity, that sort of thing. "I'm not privledged with freedoms if everybody shares those same freedoms."

As for those who think non-male-female connections are unnatural and try to use plumbing as a metaphor, they've clearly never seen a male-male union connector. The swimming pool business certainly uses them!